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Drinks x Design: Creative Currents

Drinks x Design: Creative Currents

4/4/24, 9:00 PM

Drinks x Design: Where Creatives Connect

For the April edition of Drinks x Design, guests were invited to immerse themselves in the worlds of technology and innovation at Newlab.

The evening featured interactive experiences led by Ford designers, a live sketch battle, an exhibition curated by ArtClvb, studio tours by Newlab residents and more.

Creative Currents
Sharing a name with the 2024 Detroit Month of Design theme, Creative Currents pays tribute to Detroit’s unique legacy of artistry and innovation, while emphasizing the importance of collaboration and collective action as we look to design our future.

The event was presented Ford Design in collaboration with Gravity Sketch and with support from Newlab, the New Economy Initiative, CCS Alumni & IDSA.

About Newlab:
Newlab mobilizes start-ups for building solutions in energy, mobility, and materials, providing critical infrastructure that makes for faster pilots, go-to-market strategies, and real-world impact.

Event Photography: Sylvia Jarrus

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