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Access to reliable mobility is a basic ingredient for economic growth and healthy, safe communities.  
Design Core brings together creative minds, mobility experts and community members to explore inclusive solutions.

Our Mission: A future where Detroiters are able to move freely, efficiently and safely.

Mobility at 2024 Detroit Month of Design

This year marks the first ever Mobility Track at the 2024 Detroit Month of Design! With a focus on the Detroit Region's vibrant mobility startup ecosystem, we're bringing together creative minds, concepts and insights for the future of mobility.

See you in September!

Building a mobility business in Michigan?


As part of the College for Creative Studies, Design Core connects our world-class transportation design community with an ecosystem of startups, investors and nonprofits for the future of mobility.   

Images Courtesy of CCS Transportation Design


CCS Transportation Design Alumnus & CEO of Quadrobot, Mike Tianye Wang talks about the Detroit designed & engineered autonomous mail truck that will revolutionize the mail industry.

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 3.28.51 PM.png

Design Core x Global Epicenter of Mobility

We help startups to solve design challenges, expand their network and build their brand presence. As part of the Global Epicenter of Mobility (GEM) serving the Detroit Region, we are champions of inclusive design and community-focused mobility solutions.  This partnership with GEM magnifies our impact within the Detroit Region. Together with startup accelerators, talent developers, community advocates and investors, we amplify the competitiveness of our regional mobility ecosystem.

design events
Design events
Design events

Mobility Accelerator Innovation Network (MAIN)

Mobility Accelerator Innovation Network (MAIN) is one of the six GEM initiatives, focused on creating partner alignment and capacity to support more fundable, accessible and successful mobility companies. 

Design Core helps to connect mobility startups with design services and business support services. By supporting mobility companies at every stage of the pipeline, we help to advance mobility solutions for the city of Detroit and surrounding areas. 

By accelerating the growth of mobility startups, we aim to drive innovation that fills gaps in the mobility value chain.

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