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Mini Grant Application

Design is Good Business

Marketing Services Fund for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Made possible by Michigan Central + Invest Detroit + Design Core Detroit

Please answer the following questions in as much detail as you can. If something doesn’t apply to you or you don’t know the answer, you are welcome to skip it, but a more detailed description of your business, your marketing goals, and your plans for spending the grant money will help the Grant Review Committee verify your eligibility and understand your needs, ensuring a more complete assessment of your application.

How many years has your business been generating revenue?
What best describes your racial identity?
What best describes your gender identity
What is your preferred language?

If you need help translating and completing this application, please contact

Are you the sole owner of your business?
What best describes your main goal at this time?
What tools/practices are you currently using as part of operations? (Check all that apply)
Which of these outcomes are you currently working on or hoping to work on in the near term?
What are your business' top 3 competitive advantages?
Are you currently / previously working with a business support organization?
Is your business an incorporated legal entity?
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